These videos are quite old! The current version looks different and has many more features. Your best bet until we get some more recent videos made is to search on YouTube for ThumbJam and take a look there.

Instrument Showcase

Features several of the new instruments, many of them downloadable.

Loose Jam Tutorial

Here we demonstrate some of the sounds and features of ThumbJam. Text subtitles accompany the playing to highlight some of the new performance controls available.

Looping Demonstration

Featuring the drums, upright bass, Rhodes, and electric guitar, played together with live looping.

Dark Cello

This video showcases the cello, violin, and flute instruments. Please listen to the MP3 version of this to hear the full audio quality.

Synth Out

This video showcases the initial synth instruments. Please listen to the MP3 version of this to hear the full audio quality.

 Various ThumbJam Demonstrations

Audio Files

The following are some examples of the music ThumbJam can produce and they highlight several of the included instruments. These sessions were all done live in the app showcasing both created loops and live soloing. To experience the full quality of this music listen on good headphones or stereo system!

 Groove Mix
Drums, upright bass and drawbar organ bring the groove while the electric guitar, trumpet, plunger muted trombone, tenor sax, sawtooth synth, and flute each take their turns.
 Winter Muse
The bouzouki and a delay-soaked String Ensemble provide the backdrop against which some of the synth sounds are featured, followed by trumpet.
 Cello Quartet
This one is a live improvisation featuring only the cello instrument and multiple fingers, there are no loops or multitracking in this example. The beautiful cello instrument samples were recorded by Zoe Keating exclusively for ThumbJam.
 Dark Cello
This one showcases the cello, violin, and flute instruments.
 Synth Out
Yes, ThumbJam has some synth samples too.
Here is a short demo featuring the trumpet, with backing loops recorded using the drums, upright bass, and Rhodes electric piano.
This showcases the trombone instruments, with backing from upright bass, and some sloppy drumming.
The acoustic guitar melds with the string ensemble.
 Hammered Dulcimer
Here we have some hammered dulcimer, darabukka, and flute with a Hungarian folk scale.