ThumbJam v1.2 released

Metronome and Looping Updates

  • Metronome added with a selection of sounds
  • Set tempo directly or tapping
  • Specify number of beats per bar
  • Fixed loop length option lets you specify ahead of time how long of a loop you want to record in bars.
  • More lenient timing when ending loops

MIDI and OSC live output

You can now use ThumbJam as a MIDI or OSC controller over wifi for software instruments or midi sequencers on your computer. Look at the Prefs->Remote Control page to enable these features. For the MIDI output you will need to the DSMIDIWiFi server software on your Mac/Windows/Linux PC found at to receive the MIDI data. For best results connect your device and computer using an ad-hoc wireless network directly between them. See the forums at for more detailed instructions, and for a description of the OSC messages sent.

Other Updates

  • New Viola instrument to round out your string quartet
  • Split-screen ability increases playable note space while also allowing for independent setting of key and note range per side.
    Toggle the split-screen feature from the key change popup in the key controls sidebar.
  • Added inverted tilt option for pitch control
  • In-app news added to notify users of new available instruments, loops, or other tips
  • Sonoma Wireworks AudioCopy/Paste 1.1 support, allows for copying and pasting multiple simultaneous files.
  • Various bugfixes

iOS4 Support

ThumbJam 1.2 works properly on iOS4 and includes support for fast switching and background audio operation (if loops are playing).

ThumbJam v1.1.0 now available!

ThumbJam v1.1.0 is now available in the App Store! Some of the new features included:

  • Copy/Paste to and from other apps using Sonoma Wire Works AudioCopy/Paste,
    as well as the generic pasteboard used by BeatMaker, etc.
  • Interface in the app to new download instruments and loops from the ThumbJam server as
    they become available. The community is encouraged to submit instruments via the forums
    for possible inclusion.
  • Better on-board creation of new instruments via microphone sampling, or
    imported samples
  • Performance sidebar with easy access to octave range, key,
    glide/retrigger, and a new hold (sustain) button
  • Direct access within the app to your iTunes music for playing
    along (look in Prefs->Volume/iPod for the itunes button), and
    transport control of that music
  • New instruments:
    • Two instruments from Dream Theater's keyboardist Jordan Rudess:
      JR Zendrix and JR Smooth Steel
    • Muted Trumpet
    • Grand Piano to replace the previous piano
    • Updated electric bass
  • added quantize start option for looping
  • master loop level control in mixer for easier reduction of all loops
  • option to use interval names instead of note names on display
  • new legato option for dragging when retriggering
  • new Continuum-like mode option for dragging when gliding
  • ping-pong delay option
  • bug-fixes

Upcoming ThumbJam version highlights

The next version of ThumbJam will feature two signature instruments from Dream Theater's keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess!

It will also have several new features including audio copy and paste between applications using both Sonoma's AudioCopy/Paste and Intua's copy/paste conventions.

A new performance sidebar allows quick octave/key changes as well a locking sustain button.

You'll be able to build your own instruments in the app using both recorded and imported samples (via WiFi or audio paste from another app).

New videos available

Check out the new demonstration videos on the Media page that complement the audio examples.

ThumbJam is in the App Store!

Apple approved and released ThumbJam on December 15th 2009. Check it out in the iTunes App Store.

ThumbJam is App Star Awards Finalist

ThumbJam was selected as a finalist for the AppStar Awards with
this short video!

AppsFire App Star Awards finalist 2009

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