Suggestion: User instruments downloads page

Hi Jesse and all,

I have an idea: I think it would be great to have a page on the website where users can share instruments that they've created and download instruments that other users have created. If you'd like, I could create a separate page, and you would be more than welcome to link to it from the website. Either way, I think it would be an easier way for users to find the instrument sample sets they're looking for. Let me know what you think!



Would creating an instrument

Would creating an instrument from the sounds of a standalone keyboard be considered copyrighted material? The 12 string guitar sample set I created a while back as a test instrument was recorded from a Yamaha keyboard. I deleted it from the forum as I wasn't sure about copyright.

This is a good idea to have a

This is a good idea to have a single place where users can share things. My only concern hosting such a page is that it is all too easy for someone to create an instrument from copyrighted material, and distributing such a thing publicly is illegal. Unfortunately, that is a pretty big legal concern!

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