Volume Low with Midi

I'm new to both thumbjam as well as midi so please forgive me if the answer to this is obvious... I am trying to use thumbjam with the Novation LaunchKey Mini. When using the LaunchKey the volume coming from the iPad is about half of what it is when I use the touchscreen directly. I have not been able to find any control in thumbjam nor any control on the LaunchKey that effects the volume when using the midi controller.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

FYI, I found the controller

FYI, I found the controller codes for the LaunchKey Mini... in their user guide of all places ;-)
They do not send cc7 or cc11.
The knobs send cc21 through cc28 and several other buttons send cc104 through cc109

Thanks Jesse, How would I

Thanks Jesse,
How would I check to see if the controller is sending CC7 or CC11?
I did try the velocity setting and could hear the difference between hitting the keys / pads soft or hard but even then the max volume from the keyboard was about half that from the touch-screen keyboard.

Some patches have tilt

Some patches have tilt controls for volume (violin, cello, a few others)... but by default when midi input is sensed, the tilt is ignored for those. Check the Prefs->MIDI Control option "Vol Tilt Disable w/MIDI" and be sure it is ON, in your case. Also, the keyboard velocity is used so unless you really smack it, it won't hit the same level as many of the default patches with the touchscreen where maximum velocity is used. Last thing to check is that your controller isn't sending CC7 or CC11 (volume and expression) without you realizing it.

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