Upcoming ThumbJam version highlights

The next version of ThumbJam will feature two signature instruments from Dream Theater's keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess!

It will also have several new features including audio copy and paste between applications using both Sonoma's AudioCopy/Paste and Intua's copy/paste conventions.

A new performance sidebar allows quick octave/key changes as well a locking sustain button.

You'll be able to build your own instruments in the app using both recorded and imported samples (via WiFi or audio paste from another app).

Приветствую всех жителей

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New Version 1.1

Called in my problem (new loops unable to load after previous loops saved) and 5 minutes later you told me version 1.1 was ready to go. It worked!!!! Many thanks, I'm ecstatic.!!! Great app!!! Love it!!!! Now do you have an instruction location where dummies like me can understand the usage and terminology of the app? Have you, if none available, considered putting one together to be available via email for those newbies who wish to use every great feature of your thumbjam app. Even if you had to charge a modest fee I'd love to have it available
Keep up the great work!

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