Dark Side of the Moog

I put together 71 thumbjam instruments based on real Moog samples (bass and leads). These are really nice if you're into analog synths. Each one is multisampled across 7 octaves C3 to C8. Beware though all of them them take up about 390 megs. The samples came from Derek Buddemeyer, a link he provided on the KVR forum a few years ago. There's no need to unzip the 71 individual zip files inside the big rar file. Just put them in the thumbjam itunes sharing folder and in thumbjam under prefs import them from shared documents. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jr07ya40skglzp0/Thumbjam%20Instruments.rar?dl=0

Thanks! I will check these

Thanks! I will check these out very soon.

You can also email any of the zips to yourself and Open In.. TJ to install them, or use the WiFi transfer feature.

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