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I put together another set of 71 patches samples of classic analog synths; Roland Juno 60, Korg Polysix and X5, Multivox MX-51, and Oberheim Matrix 1000. There's some great stuff in here, including lots of lush pads and unique sounds. I indicated in the instrument name the best range to play the instruments in based on the samples I used. Like the last set the samples came from Derek Buddemeyer, a link he provided on the KVR forum a few years ago. These banks are much smaller, about 50 MB total.

I did everything within the

I did everything within the app.

I just finished uploading a modified version of the ranges for this bank, and various keys and scales.

Did you construct them by

Did you construct them by making the .flot and .flotpatch files by hand (or by script)? Or did you do them in-app?

I'll take a look at modifying

I'll take a look at modifying the ranges and scales in the patches. It wasn't immediately obvious to me how to do that.

Yeah, doing looping in the

Yeah, doing looping in the app is not the ideal way to do it, unfortunately... its a process that to do right takes a bit more effort.

One thing you could do next time is setup the ranges and pick a scale for them... once you create the instrument you can modify settings and Save the preset, it *should* let you overwrite the original, but I will check that out.

Sorry I'm not sure the

Sorry I'm not sure the original source. You could try contacting Derek on his FB page to ask him. I don't have a FB account.

I agree it's a lot of banks to try and work on. I was thinking those who were interested could just download them from my dropbox link and install them themselves manually.

The looping on the Moog banks aren't set up very well, but the samples are long enough that it's really not much of a problem. It was my first attempt at creating instruments in TJ and I wasn't really sure if I was doing it right. In retrospect I should have just left looping off on those. On the second set, the samples are much shorter so I made an attempt to loop them where appropriate. On some banks it worked splendidly, but on banks where the sustain had a slow decay it was difficult if not impossible to loop them seamlessly.

Thanks again! I think before

Thanks again! I think before I distribute them, I will go through and actually set up the preset with the proper ranges (and scales). Same for the Moog ones.... but that's a lot of instruments to go through!

Do you know if the original creators have an open license for these? (These and Moog ones)

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