Android version?!

Just wanted to let you know there's many people out there that would happily buy an android version... including me.. ;)
Massimo Bulcati is currently working on an updated Android release for his "iReal B". Considering it's steadily growing market potential, what are the chances you will be doing so, too??
(I know there's technical issues, but I'm positive the system is constantly improving..)

Let's just say it's on my

Let's just say it's on my radar :) Ask me again in a month. But don't expect it to run on your existing android devices at first....

I've well understood why

I've well understood why quality music apps like ThumbJam have been missing from Android, but I wonder if this is on your radar, and if it's a game-changer.

I'd love to have ThumbJam on my android devices!

any updates?

any updates?

The technical issues

The technical issues regarding consistent low latency audio performance on Android are still a show-stopper for a ThumbJam kind of app. Sequencers or other things (as iReal B appears to be) don't have this problem because they don't have to worry about immediate touch response to be useful. They attempted to improve it recently but still fell far short of the buffersize/latency numbers required for success, and that iOS has had from the start. The variety of hardware Android has to worry about, in combination with a lack of experience by the OS developers to provide the audio APIs that professional audio apps require both contribute to the problem.

If and when they get their act together, and I get any time, it could happen.

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