ThumbJam v1.1.0 now available!

ThumbJam v1.1.0 is now available in the App Store! Some of the new features included:

  • Copy/Paste to and from other apps using Sonoma Wire Works AudioCopy/Paste,
    as well as the generic pasteboard used by BeatMaker, etc.
  • Interface in the app to new download instruments and loops from the ThumbJam server as
    they become available. The community is encouraged to submit instruments via the forums
    for possible inclusion.
  • Better on-board creation of new instruments via microphone sampling, or
    imported samples
  • Performance sidebar with easy access to octave range, key,
    glide/retrigger, and a new hold (sustain) button
  • Direct access within the app to your iTunes music for playing
    along (look in Prefs->Volume/iPod for the itunes button), and
    transport control of that music
  • New instruments:
    • Two instruments from Dream Theater's keyboardist Jordan Rudess:
      JR Zendrix and JR Smooth Steel
    • Muted Trumpet
    • Grand Piano to replace the previous piano
    • Updated electric bass
  • added quantize start option for looping
  • master loop level control in mixer for easier reduction of all loops
  • option to use interval names instead of note names on display
  • new legato option for dragging when retriggering
  • new Continuum-like mode option for dragging when gliding
  • ping-pong delay option
  • bug-fixes
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